Apply for Donations



Organizations which are registered with the IRS as 501c3 nonprofit organizations and located in the State of Washington are eligible to apply for charitable funds from the Snoqualmie Tribe.

Available Grants

This year, the Snoqualmie Tribe is soliciting applications from nonprofit organizations providing services in the following areas. The Tribe will select one (or more, where noted) organizations to receive the specified donation amount in each area.

  • Habitat Restoration – Up to $50,000
    For nonprofit organizations working to restore habitat for fish and wildlife. 
  • Snoqualmie Valley Community Services – Up to $50,000For nonprofit organizations serving the Snoqualmie Valley and its diverse communities.
  • Veterans Services – Up to $50,000For organizations providing services and programming to Veterans and their families.
  • Native Services – Up to $50,000For organizations supporting the Native community whether through the arts, health and wellness, culture, or other means.
  • Family Services – Up to $50,000
    For organizations that provide support services for families.
    • Homelessness/emergency shelter services
    • Infant/Youth services
    • Rehabilitation
    • Domestic Violence Support
    • Food Scarcity
    • Other – please specify in your application 
  • Senior/Elder Services – Up to $50,000For organizations supporting elderly individuals to promote independence and enhance their quality of life.
  • Arts & Culture – Up to $50,000For organizations working with artists and community groups and increasing access and diversity in arts and culture.
  • Environmental Education – Up to $50,000For organizations working to increase public awareness and knowledge about environmental issues including climate change.


The Snoqualmie Tribe will be accepting applications for our next Funding Cycle from January 1, 2024 to March 31, 2024. Following the deadline, the Tribe will review the applications submitted and follow up with organizations regarding any questions. For the 2024 Funding Cycle, the Tribe anticipates notifying organizations whether or not they were selected to be funded in July 2024.

The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe reserves the right to modify the criteria for the donation funds at any time.

Required Materials

  • Letter from Organization – Letter must include the following:
    • The organization’s mission, vision, values
    • A brief history of the organization
    • Overview of the organization’s services, programs, and communities served
    • Introduction to how the organization would use the funding, if selected. This information must be relevant to the category of donation the organization is applying for.
  • Donation Plan Outline – Outline must include the following:
    • Information on what the funds would directly support
    • Budget showing how funds would be spent
    • List of individuals involved in the project funded by the donation, if relevant
  • Proof of 501c3 nonprofit status (letter from IRS)
    NOTE: Applications from non-501c3 organizations will not be considered.
  • Form W9 with tax ID information

Reporting Requirement

For the 2023 Funding Cycle, the Snoqualmie Tribe will request the organizations selected to receive donations to submit a report of some form to the Tribe no later than June 1, 2024 that outlines the donation’s impact. This report could take a variety of forms, such as a brochure, a short film, or presentation.